How to take preparation for President Scout Award

How to take preparation for President Scout Award
How to take preparation for President Scout Award

President Scout Award: Scouting is a world-famous concept or movement. Generally, it is for all students from all corners of the world. Actually, Rivard Stpension Smyth Lord Baden Powell invent the idea of Scouting. According to his statement ” By term Scouting means the work and deeds of Blackwhoseman Frontierman and explorer”.

Introduction of President Scout Award

Generally, scouting is for the boys or girls. There is a limitation of age in scouting. There are three sections in scouting. These are Cub Scouting, Scouting and Rover scouting. Scouting is the second step of scouting movement. Mainly, it is for 11 to 17 years old.

Scouting is a prized based program. The reward of Scouters is given with award. So, there are many awards in scouting. President Scout award is the last and final award of scouting.

Everybody wants to get this prize. Besides, it is known as the same name worldwide. The prize is offered by president. It is another speciality of it. If we see, every year about 500 to 700 scouts get this prize

Tricks to get President Scout Award

I think obtaining President award is easy. For this you have to follow some tricks.these includes:

  1. Reading scout’s books. It is the prerequisite for the president scout award. You must have a clear sense of these books. There are about 10 to 15 books. You can buy these books. You also can download these books from the website. These books are available on the official website of Bangladesh Scout. The web address is There are also many books that are not available on the website. You must have to buy these books.

2. There are many formalities to attend this exam. You must have to attend a three days camp. A one day camp and at least a scout seminar.

3. President scout award is the fifth grade in scout program. You must have to accomplish the four steps to attend this exam.

4. Swimming is obligatory for ps exam. Basically, you can practice free style swimming. Generally, it is given in most cases.

5. General knowledge is also important for getting good marks in ps exam. Actually, current issues are very effectible in this regard. So, try to improve your general knowledge.


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