How to visit Banskhali sea beach and it’s uniqueness

How to visit Banskhali sea beach and it's uniqueness
How to visit Banskhali sea beach and it's uniqueness

The attractive places in Banskhali: Banskhali is the darling child of nature. It is in the southern part of Chittagong. It is most popular for having a nice beach. Moreover, the beach has been cited as a tourist place. Now we are going to how can we visit this beautiful place.

The tips or way to visit Banskhali sea beach:

  • It depends on where you live. If you live Dhaka or another district that is the northern side of Chittagong, you must reach Chittagong town. Then, you must go to Baherderhat Bus Station. You can reach Banskhali within 2 hours. If you want to Banskhali sea beach, you have many ways. The most common and easy way is you can stop Gonagori Junction. From here, you can reach easily Banskhali sea beach within 30 minutes costing about 40 takas.
  • You also can use kalipur way to sea beach within a shorter time. And you need only 30 takas.

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Now the question is”is there any restaurant?”

The answer is no. There is no permanent restaurant. But, you can find many temporary shops or local shops on the beach. These may provide you with local foods.

Another question is “is there any arrangement to spend a night?”

The answer is no. There is no arrangement to spend a night. Your journey should be a “one day journey.” If you manage any relative house it will be better for you. If you are alone you can spend your night in the resthouse.

Another question is “is there any arrangement of DSLR camera?”

The answer is no. If you want to take the DSLR picture you have to manage yourself. The sunset of Banskhali sea beach is awesome.

Visit tips:

  • It is better to hire a reserved vehicle.
  • You should take your meals.
  • There is no arrangement to have a bath. But, you can have a sea bath. It will thrill you.
  • You should take your DSLR camera to take pics.
  • This palace is not safe to spend the night as there is no tourist police.
  • There is no good canteen beside the beach.
  • It will be better not to visit Banskhali sea beach alone, If you visit it on occasion, it is ok.

The views you can see in the Banskhali sea beach:

  • Beautiful sunrise.
  • Awesome sunset
  • Banskhali coastal bends which were about 5 kilometers long.
  • Beautiful casuarina trees.
  • Oysters on the beach.
  • Huge beach.
  • Beautiful view of Chittagong sea ford.


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