Journey to Parki Sea Beach Anawara

Journey to Parki Sea Beach Anawara
Journey to Parki Sea Beach Anawara

A journey means to explore something. It may be a place or any site even experience. It is more relevant to the place. A journey refreshes us. It thrills us with refreshing views and experiences. Bookish knowledge is not sufficient for us. Our mind is very curious. Naturally, we want to know many things about any specific thing. So, journey fills the curiosity. At the same time, it develops our mental freshness and physical health as well.

Parki Beach Anawara

Perki sea beach is one of the famous sea beaches in Bangladesh. At the same time, it is the longest sea beach in Chittagong District. It is about 15 (Fifteen) kilometer long. The width of it is about 300 to 350 meters. It stands by the river Karnafully river. One can enjoy both the view of Kornafully and the Bay of Bangle as well. Both the sites made the Perki sea beach amazing. White sands are available on the Perki beach. The most view on Perki beach is the vast ship anchored on the beach. It has been stuck in this beach three years ago facing a strong storm.

Our whole journey in Parki sea beach

We start our journey at 8 am on the date of 12 October. Actually, We hired two CNG as we were fourteen in number. We also took our meal with us so that we could have fun. It was about 80 kilometers journey. We reached our destination at 11 am. Then, we changed our cloth and stored them in a hotel. Then, we began our play. We played football for 1 hour. When we became tired, we took snakes from a nearby hotel. After, we took a bath in seawater for an hour. The specialty of seawater amazed ourselves. It was salty. We became thrilled after this bath. Then, we start for a small nearby park. Then, we washed our cloth there. At the same time, we also took many pics there. After all, that was amazing! Did you read how to visit Banskhali sea beach?

The way to go Parki Sea Beach

There are many ways to go to Parki sea Beach. The ways depend on your choice, Which way will you like. If you want to come from other districts, you have to come to the Chittagong district firstly. Then, you must come to Anowara Upazila. You can also go to Parki Beach by Crossing the Karnafully river using Shah Amanat Road. It is locally known as 15 no. Ghat. If you want to go without crossing the river the safe way is to use road. Anawara Upazila is close to Chittagong town. Not very far from Shah Amanat Bridge.


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