My Aim In Life essay/My aim in life composition

My Aim In Life essay/My aim in life composition
My Aim In Life essay/My aim in life composition

Essay on my aim in life

My Aim In Life essay: Aim differs from person to person. So it is quite impossible to fix an aim in one’s life. As a human being, I cherish an aim in my heart. I want to be a doctor.

Aim means passion or vision. Basically, everybody fixes their aim personally. But, there must have some personal reasons. Someone choose their aim as their parents want so. Someone fixes it persuading by other people. Many people choose it personally.

My aim in life is to be a good doctor to help the poor. It is my personal choice. I have heard a strong voice from my core of heart to be a doctor. I always observe the incidents that are happening worldwide. I think it persuades me to want so. Someone want to earn money or fame. Though it is obvious that money is important, earning money or fame must not be our prime object. I want to be a doctor to help mankind. Today’s world is becoming very critical. As a result, new diseases are broking out like “CORONA”. Moreover, poor people are distressed from medical-treatment. These two important reasons are greatly responsible for me to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor to invent a vaccine for newly invented chronic diseases and to help the poor.

A scholar said ” if you fix something fierce 50% work is done. You have to accomplish another 50% of this work”. I have fixed my aim keenly. I am now a student of class nine . I am reading in science. I am determined to complete my SSC and HSC with GPA 5. Then I will admit myself to a medical college. After obtaining my MBBS degree I will take my FCPS from abroad. Then I will start my service. I want to serve in a govt hospital so that I can serve general mass. I want to be a doctor of medicine.

I will continue my service as a government doctor for 20 years. Then I will return back home. There I will establish a hospital. Poor people will be treated free of cost. I want to finish my whole life being a doctor.

I think that the doctor is the purest profession. I think that it is the best way to serve mankind. I am confidential to be a doctor if Allah favors me. I think that Allah will help me as I want it keenly.


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